Blom, Sun-Area To Map Solar Potential Of U.K. City


The Bristol, U.K., City Council has awarded Blom UK and its German partner Sun-Area a contract to provide a detailed, interactive solar potential map of the city. The map will be integrated with the city's website to allow local property and business owners to find out if their buildings are suitable for solar PV or solar thermal panels.

Bristol's decision to award a solar potential mapping project to Blom UK and Sun-Area follows a government grant of 260,000 pounds toward the city's green plans. The city's council is one of 30 councils across the country to receive money to help develop its climate-change plans and share best practices with other councils.

Blom UK's solar potential map will provide a detailed analysis of every building in the city, taking into account the orientation, height, pitch and shape of each roof, as well as shading from obstructions, including trees, buildings and terrain, the company says.


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