Bloo Solar Awarded NSF Grant


Bloo Solar, an ultra-thin-film renewable solar energy company located in West Sacramento, Calif., has received a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

‘The NSF grant will enable Bloo to demonstrate a new technique that enables the creation of ultra smooth and ultra rough surfaces on tiny wires, one-tenth the diameter of a red blood cell,’ states Dr. Ruxandra Vidu, Bloo's director of R&D. ‘Controlling how rough or smooth we want the surface of our materials with atomic-scale precision enables Bloo to apply materials to its advanced solar cell architecture reliably and precisely, while producing greater strength, straightness and stability.’

Bloo's products utilize nano-structured photovoltaic bristled cells to increase the total power output of solar panels, which the company says will reduce the cost of solar energy to that of existing fossil fuel-based electricity sources.

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