Bloomberg, Integrys Installing 1.8 MW PV Plant


Bloomberg LP, Integrys Energy Services Inc. and SunPower Corp. have announced that a 1.8 MW solar power system will be constructed at Bloomberg's Skillman, N.J., facility.

The eight-acre ground-mounted solar tracking system will be completed by the end of the year and is expected to generate the equivalent amount of power to meet 58% of the facility's electricity demand. Bloomberg will buy the power generated from the system at prices below retail rates.

The system will be owned by Solar Star NJ VI LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services. Solar Star will sell the solar renewable energy credits and environmental attributes associated with the system. The system will use SunPower solar panels with the SunPower T0 Tracker system.

This is the first renewable energy project undertaken by Bloomberg, which plans to develop nearly 6 MW of solar power in New Jersey within the next three years.

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