Blue Oak PV Products Introduces Homerun Disconnecting Combiner Box


Blue Oak PV Products, a division of Blue Oak Energy, has launched the Homerun Disconnecting Combiner Box product line for commercial- and utility-scale photovoltaic projects.

These electrical safety devices increase photovoltaic system safety and serviceability by allowing the solar array circuits to be de-energized at the array, the company explains. Installers, maintenance crews and first responders can now safely disconnect the solar array at the source.

This design allows designers and installers to create independently operated sections of a solar electric system. The increased granularity keeps more of the solar array working during service and ultimately results in higher overall production, according to the company.The lockable, built-in disconnect also decreases confusion during installation and maintenance.

The Homerun Disconnecting Combiner Box contains a load-break-rated, high power switch and the required fuses to protect individual solar array circuits.

Blue Oak PV Products: (530) 747-2026

SOURCE: Blue Oak PV Products

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