Blue Square Energy Develops High-Efficiency UMG Silicon Solar Cell


Blue Square Energy (BSE), a developer and manufacturer of silicon solar cells, says it has produced a 14.6% efficient solar cell with its patent-pending Bright Point technology. BSE says the efficiency result is one of the highest in the world on upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon and has been verified independently by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

BSE's Bright Point technology features a two-part structure: a fine layer of high-grade silicon placed on top of 4N UMG silicon. Through Bright Point, BSE uses 100% 4N UMG silicon, which results in a significant cost reduction relative to other UMG silicon solar cell products, the company says.

‘This proves that inexpensive silicon typically considered unsuited for the solar industry can be utilized to create solar energy that is price-accessible,’ says Joseph Babin, CEO of BSE.

BSE notes that Bright Point II technology is currently in research and development.

BSE: (410) 287-0744


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