BlueChip Energy Launches Solar Leasing Program In Florida


BlueChip Energy (BCE), a provider of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, government and utility applications, has introduced a solar lease-to-own program for Florida homeowners.

The BCE solar lease program is the first-ever residential solar leasing option of its kind in the state, according to BCE. As part of the program, BCE is providing its turnkey Fusion 5 kW solar electric system, which includes monocrystalline solar panels, inverter, wiring, a combiner box and mounting hardware.Â

BCE's residential program includes design, engineering, installation, permitting costs, monitoring and a 25-year limited power warranty. The solar financing option is available immediately and will be offered until Aug. 31.

The solar lease-to-own option is based on a down payment of $12,995 and a monthly lease payment of $100 that can be offset by a $100+ monthly reduction in the utility bill. Over 25 years, savings are estimated to be over $100,000, the company says.

SOURCE: Blue Chip Energy

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