Bluestar Silicones Introduces Silicone Elastomers For PV Modules


Bluestar Silicones, based in East Brunswick, N.J., has announced the North American introduction of a new range of silicone elastomers for the production of solar photovoltaic panels. The launch represents Bluestar Silicones' entry into the solar energy market.

Bluestar is offering several new materials for frame sealants, junction box bonding, and potting applications as a drop-in replacement for competitive silicone elastomer products. This new range offers comparable performance, providing long-term sealing and bonding, along with protection of solar cells and electrical connections against moisture, ultraviolet light, thermal cycling and mechanical stress, the company says.

The new product range includes the CAF line of products for frame sealing and junction bonding. This line of one-component silicone elastomers consists of four grades (CAF 505, 510, 520 and 530) that cure at room temperature. According to the company, the elastomers offer excellent adhesion to several backsheet materials, such as polyvinyl fluoride and polyethylene terephthalate, and also adhere to junction box materials such as polyphenylene oxide and polycarbonate.

SOURCE: Bluestar Silicones

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