BluWave-ai to Deploy AI-Driven Optimizer Platform for Sunbank Project


BluWave-ai has signed a contract with the city of Summerside in Canada to deploy and activate its AI-driven Smart Grid Optimizer for Summerside’s solar farm, Sunbank.

Sunbank generates 21.6 MW of solar and has a 10 MWh battery, augmenting a 12 MW wind farm supplying the city. Integrated with Microsoft Azure, BluWave-ai’s software solution from BluWave-ai optimizes Sunbank’s operation to make the most of available renewables, which the company says will cut the city’s net energy costs.

“With the Canadian Federal Government’s target for net zero electricity grids by 2035, a key to retiring natural gas peaking plants and coal-fired thermal plants, will be to manage fluctuating renewables in the context of the needs of the grid,” says Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai.

“Leveraging 26 USPTO patents filed in the area of grids and optimization embedded in our AI products, this project at Sunbank will be a key AI-enabled battery dispatch project applicable to smart grids across Canada by 2035.”

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