BNB Fires Up 1 MW Array At Pepperidge Farm Bakery In Connecticut


BNB Renewable Energy Holdings has completed a 1 MW solar project at Campbell Soup Co.'s Pepperidge Farm bakery in Bloomfield, Conn.

The ground-mounted, fixed-tilt array incorporates 2,720 SunPower solar panels and sits on five acres of land leased from Pepperidge Farm. The array is projected to produce more than 1.7 GWh of electricity per year, which is equal to about 15% of the bakery's annual energy demand.

Pepperidge Farm and BNB partnered on developing the project, which was financed through PNC Energy Capital LLC. SunPower provided engineering, procurement and construction services for the project. SunPower and BNB will provide operations and maintenance services for the life of the system.

A key to the project's success is a power purchase agreement under which Pepperidge Farm buys electricity at rates that are competitive with retail electricity, providing a hedge against rising electricity rates while supporting renewable energy development. BNB secured an agreement with utility Eversource Energy to purchase the solar credits the array produces under Connecticut's Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit program.

BNB and SunPower previously collaborated with Campbell on a 9.8 MW solar array at Campbell's production facility in Napoleon, Ohio. Campbell says that by 2020, it wants to reduce energy use per ton of product produced by 35% and source at least 40% of the energy used by the company from renewable or alternative energy sources.

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