BOC India Signs Four PV Gas Supply Deals


BOC India (BOCI), a member of The Linde Group, has signed long-term gas supply deals with PV manufacturers Moser Baer, Euro Multivision, Solar Semiconductor and Indo Solar (formally Phoenix Solar).

For Moser Baer's first PV production unit in Greater Noida, India, BOCI says it has created one of the largest supply schemes for industrial gases for electronics manufacturing throughout south and east Asia. In addition to the on-site manufacturing of critical gases, BOCI's partnership with Moser Baer includes a focus on employing technology solutions to optimize gas usage, as well as India's first on-site Total Gas Management (TGM) service.

For Indo Solar, BOCI will provide a full TGM service and install the distribution and monitoring systems required for safe and reliable supply of bulk nitrogen and silane gases to the manufacturing facility.

Solar Semiconductor's new crystalline silicon cell plant in Hyderabad, India, has an initial capacity of 30 MW and plans to ramp up to 120 MW by 2010. BOCI also plans to further expand its gas and chemical infrastructure in Hyderabad to support future investments. Finally, in Gujarat, India, BOCI is working with Euro Multivision on the bulk and special gas supply to its new 40 MW crystalline cell manufacturing facility in Kutch.


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