Bonfiglioli Offering Solar Power Conversion Products To U.S. Market


Bonfiglioli USA, a Hebron, Ky.-based subsidiary of Bonfiglioli Group, says it is offering a line of utility-scale solar PV power conversion system products to the North American market. The company's North American products, which are designed to meet the requirements of UL1741 standards, feature the same technology found in Bonfiglioli's PV systems that are currently installed in Europe, including SunEdison's 72 MW plant in Rovigo, Italy, the company says.

RPS Station is a fully integrated PV power conversion system that the company says is designed to minimize field installation time and maximize uptime. It is factory assembled and constructed with a sealed structure in order to protect the equipment from the environment and protect personnel.

RPS TL is a PV inverter system designed to provide maximum energy harvest (300 kW AC to 1,283 kW AC). It is available in either master-slave or multi-maximum power point tracking configurations, including floating or grounded arrays, optional E-house and medium-voltage transformers.

The company's other products in the line include inverter modules for stand-alone outdoor installation, a data collection gateway for PV systems and a string connection box.

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