Boots On The Roof Launches Solar Training Boot Camps


In response to a projected increase in demand for solar-industry-related labor, solar school Boots on the Roof has launched its Solar Education division. Boots on the Roof, which has a 16-year track record of collaborating with large organizations on a national scale, says it is now targeting general contractors, licensed electricians, solar energy entrepreneurs and other business professionals in the renewable energy sector. The company expects 400,000 job openings in the industry in 2009.

Boots on the Roof is now an approved North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners testing center for the Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge of PV Systems exam. It provides boot-camp style, instructor-led solar training programs for solar energy professionals.

‘The important thing to understand is that solar panel installation isn't conducive to a do-it-yourself technique,’ points out Navraj Bawa, executive vice president. ‘People need to be aware that they're dealing with energy – with electricity – an unforgiving element.’

SOURCE: Boots On The Roof

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