Borrego Solar Concludes 24 MW PV Supply Agreement With LG


LG Electronics USA has signed a contract with Borrego Solar Systems Inc. to supply 24 MW of its solar modules to the California-based developer.

Under the agreement, LG will supply its Mono X series solar panels to Borrego Solar through 2015. Borrego will sell these panels to the commercial solar sector as an LG preferred integrator in North America.

Mike Hall, CEO of Borrego Solar, says the agreement will support the company's efforts in the growing commercial sector while providing a source of photovoltaic panels that are not subject to U.S. Commerce Department tariffs on Chinese modules.

LG solar panels are manufactured in Korea.

‘We've already used LG panels on several megawatts of municipal landfill projects in Massachusetts, and we look forward to expanding the portfolio under our new agreement with LG,’ Hall says.

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