Borrego Solar Promoting PV During Boston Exposition


Borrego Solar Systems Inc., a designer and installer of commercial, residential and public-sector grid-connected solar electric power systems, says Brendan Neagle, its vice president of business development, will lead a workshop entitled ‘Solar PV Case Studies in the Commonwealth’ during the Going Green Expo, Feb. 2-3, 2008, at the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston.

The workshop will outline the short- and long-term advantages of adopting photovoltaic solar electric systems using real-world residential and commercial installations as examples of how home and business owners have benefited from going solar.

‘Thanks to recent advancements in technology, construction techniques and financing options, implementing a residential or commercial solar electric system is easier and more practical than ever before,’ says Neagle. ‘However, home and business owners have varying degrees of knowledge about solar energy, so it is imperative that the industry promotes itself through educational and informational activities.’

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