Borrego Solar Systems Doubled O&M Assets In 2015


Borrego Solar Systems Inc., a California-based solar power project designer, developer, installer, and operations and maintenance (O&M) provider, says that since expanding its O&M services to all owners of commercial- and utility-scale PV plants in early 2015, the company now has 265 MW of assets under contract.

The current portfolio is more than double what Borrego Solar managed in 2014 and quadruple that of 2013. Prior to 2015, the company only offered its O&M services to PV system owners of the projects it designed and built. In 2015, the offering was extended to projects developed and constructed by other engineering, procurement and construction firms.

“In our first year of expanding our O&M offerings to all PV asset owners, it’s become very clear that there is demand in the market for the tools, services and expertise we’ve built into our O&M offering,” comments Matt Murphy, director of O&M for Borrego Solar.

Borrego Solar says that over the past five years, the projects it manages have operated at 104% of modeled production and over 99% of system uptime, on average.

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