Boston Solar Introduces SPAN Panel for Solar+Storage Installations


SinglePoint Inc. subsidiary Boston Solar has integrated the SPAN Panel into its suite of home energy management systems.

The SPAN Panel offers real-time monitoring and circuit-level control, allowing homeowners to maximize their energy savings. These panels integrate seamlessly with Boston Solar’s existing solar power, battery back-up and EV charging offerings, providing an all-in-one solution for energy management.

Among the SPAN Panel’s features:

  • Automatic Switch to Battery Power During Outages: In systems designed to operate standalone battery backups, the SPAN Panel has a built-in switch that disconnects the system from the electric grid during a power outage, enabling the battery system to take over instantly;
  • Longer Battery Life During Power Outages: The SPAN Panel extends the time of usable stored energy by up to 40% during outages, ensuring essential circuits remain operational;
  • Efficient Energy Usage: The SPAN Panel helps homeowners use the electricity produced by their solar panels as efficiently as possible, leading to greater energy savings;
  • Support for All-Electric Appliances: The SPAN Panel can power electric appliances like heat pumps, water heaters, and induction stoves;
  • Remote Control: Users can control their energy usage remotely through a user-friendly app, on their phone, enabling them to adjust based on their preferences and requirements.

The company says customers can take advantage of a $600 tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act, in addition to the existing 30% solar tax credit.

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