BP Solar To Develop Power-Harvesting System With SolarEdge


BP Solar and SolarEdge have signed a joint agreement to explore the commercialization of a PV module-integrated power-harvesting system embedded directly into BP Solar modules.

According to the companies, the combined solution will maximize energy generation throughout the life of the solar power system, while dramatically reducing complexities and costs. Standard power system architectures and designs may lead to losses of up to 20% or more per solar field in some installations due to module and array mismatch and partial shading. Some system architectures also lack full monitoring, have suboptimal roof utilization and generally are weak in fire and maintenance safety and ineffective in module theft prevention measures.

To achieve optimal energy yield while reducing these installation and maintenance challenges and costs, BP Solar is working to integrate SolarEdge's products and other active electronics directly into their modules. The combined technologies are currently undergoing rigorous thermal cycle testing to emulate 25 years of volatile solar field conditions.

SOURCES: BP Solar, Solar Edge

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