Braggone, Beneq Partner To Maximize PV Efficiency


Braggone has signed a joint development agreement with equipment supplier Beneq to provide a custom-matched material and toolset for the maximum manufacturing efficiency and product performance of solar cells.

Braggone recently announced a new product line that increases the efficiency of solar cells and allows manufacturing facilities to cost-effectively increase their capacity. The custom-designed compounds, tuned at the silicon- and metal-oxide-based polymer level, can reduce reflection from glass and silicon, thereby delivering substantially more light to the active regions of the solar cell.

The tool solutions from Beneq are based on the company's experience in providing equipment for applying thin-film coatings on functional surfaces such as glass and metals. The spray-coating method used is made possible by Beneq's new proprietary high-capacity, two-fluid atomizer, which reduces the droplet diameter to submicron size, enabling high-speed processing.

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