Braggone Receives Funding To Commercialize Polymer Technology


Oulu, Finland-based Braggone has received multi-million-dollar funding from the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES) to commercialize its polymer materials for worldwide commercialization.

Braggone's proprietary material technology allows for custom-tuning of inorganic-organic polymer material properties to suit specific applications. These flexible yet stable materials coat or print onto substrates at greater efficiency, lower temperatures and higher yields, the company says.

Based on its polymer research, Braggone developed a new product line that increases the efficiency of solar cells and allows manufacturing facilities to cost-effectively increase capacity. The custom-designed compounds can dramatically reduce reflection from glass and silicon, thereby deliver substantially more light to the active regions of the solar cell. The company adds that it tunes the optics of the cell by spray-, slit-, spin- or dip-coating layers of molecularly tailored material in lieu of using chemical vapor deposition tools.

‘We've had great success working in collaboration with chemical companies and equipment manufacturers to fine-tune and optimize the physical and application-specific characteristics of these polymers,’ comments Dr. Yrjö Ojasaar, Braggone's CEO.

‘Due to that collaboration, and now with the additional funding from TEKES, we are on a rapid path to commercialization, as we can deliver PV manufacturing with increased performance and reduced costs all in one turnkey solution,’ he adds.

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