Brightergy Installs PV Array For Twitter Founder


Kansas City, Mo.-based Brightergy has designed and installed a 25 kW PV array at MA Tech Services, a business in St. Louis, Mo., owned by the parents of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

The system is estimated to produce 32,291 kWh of electricity annually, offsetting nearly 100% of MA Tech Services' current annual electricity usage. SMA America has supplied Sunny Boy inverters for the PV installation, and SMA Sunny Portal software will monitor energy production.

MA Tech Services provides mass spectrometers and related expertise to organizations requiring the tools to analyze chemical gases. Although the company sells predominantly medical and industrial mass spectrometers, mass spectrometry technology is also used to analyze silicon used in solar panel production.

Dorsey has created a Twitter account for his new solar-energy system: @1920Solar. The account will tweet links with updates about energy production.

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