BrightSource Energy Signs Land Contract With Nevada Developer


BrightSource Energy Inc., a developer of large-scale solar thermal energy plants, has reached an agreement on the principal terms of a private-land contract with Nevada's newest master planned community developer, Coyote Springs Land Co.

According to BrightSource Energy, the agreement marks a critical step in the development of a solar thermal energy project that could provide up to 600 MW of solar thermal energy to both the Nevada and California markets.

The parties have identified a six-square-mile area within the larger Coyote Springs development, located in Lincoln County, where BrightSource plans to construct a large-scale solar thermal energy project. The site is located on private property near transmission lines and, as part of the broader development site, has already received environmental permits from the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and other federal, state and county agencies.

SOURCE: BrightSource Energy

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