Brittmore Group Completes Demo Site For Pre-Panelized System


Brittmore Group LLC, a San Jose, Calif.-based supplier of structural balance-of-system components and automated installation solutions for large-scale PV power plant construction, has completed a 30 kW demonstration site in Lodi, Calif., utilizing its automated PV installation system and pre-panelized frameless crystalline modules with a Dow Corning bonded mounting interface.

The installation was completed by BTA Solar as a pilot for an upcoming large-scale project. Brittmore's system consists of the WaveRack fixed-tilt ground-mount pre-panelized PV modules and automated large-panel PV shuttles. The WaveRack is an economical fixed-tilt rack designed for rapid and efficient assembly, the company says.

Pre-panelization, a process where multiple solar modules are pre-assembled and wired into larger construction building blocks, is accomplished at a nearby facility under factory conditions. These large building blocks are then delivered to the construction site, where they are installed by the automated PV shuttles.

The process targets lowest total installation costs by reducing materials, labor, site logistics, earthworks and construction time, the company says.

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