Brobeck Solar Energy Rolls Out Energy Credit Card


Brobeck Solar Energy has introduced the Brobeck Solar Energy Credit Card, a credit card designed to provide energy-efficiency benefits and reduce energy expenses for homeowners and businesses.

The Solar Energy Credit Card is a standard credit card issued to a building's owner and its tenants. Each card then has money deposited into that card's bank account by the local electric utility that will be proportional to the electricity generated by the utility-owned solar PV system on the building owner's rooftop.

According to Brobeck Solar Energy, the product is well suited for homes, businesses, schools and multi-tenant buildings, including malls and affordable housing communities. Additionally, the card provides discounts toward the purchase of energy-related goods and services, a new air-conditioner or heating system, low-wattage lighting and double-pane windows.

Brobeck Solar Energy: (925) 788-9652

SOURCE: Brobeck Solar Energy

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