Brooks Instrument Introduces Mass Flow Controllers


Brooks Instrument, a provider of flow, pressure, vacuum and level products, has released the GF40 and GF80 thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs). These MFCs provide the level of performance, reliability and flexibility required by gas flow control applications in the solar and semiconductor industries, including thin-film and vacuum applications.

The MFCs operate with Brooks' patented MultiFlo technology for gas and range configurability. MultiFlo gives users the ability to reconfigure the MFC for new gas calibrations and full-scale ranges without the time and costs of removing the device from the gas line, the company explains.

Brooks' GF40 and GF80 MFCs feature a fast (< 1 second) setting time and a corrosion-resistant Hastalloy sensor, thus ensuring maximum system uptime and throughput, the company adds. The MFCs are also equipped with an independent diagnostic/service port to troubleshoot or change flow conditions without removing the MFC from service.

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