Bruker Notes First Order For EPR Spectrometer


Bruker BioSpin says it has received its first order for an ELEXSYS E780 system, the world's first commercial mm-wave 263 GHz EPR spectrometer. This new system represents a first step for the Bruker EPR division into quasi-optical microwave technology.

The E780 incorporates a unique superconducting magnet that can be ramped up to 12 Tesla, and when combined with new EPR probe technology for optimum sensitivity, can measure even large samples up to 5 mm, the company says.

Based on the Bruker ELEXSYS concept, the E780 provides multiple turnkey operation modes, including CW- and Pulse-EPR, as well as ENDOR and ELDOR, thus enabling research groups for the first time to use 263 GHz EPR technology routinely.

The first E780 system is expected to be installed at the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin late this year for pioneering new EPR applications in solar energy and photovoltaic research. The total E780 order amount is more than $2.2 million, and was supported by the recent German stimulus package, Konjunkturpaket.

The order represents the start of a new research collaboration project between Bruker and the Helmholtz-Zentrum on EPR probe development for electrical detection.

SOURCE: Bruker BioSpin

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