bSolar Introduces Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells


bSolar has launched its bifacial crystalline-silicon solar cells. Bifacial cells utilize the cells' rear side to collect reflected and diffused sunlight and generate additional electricity, the company explains. bSolar's cells are produced using p-type wafers, standard equipment and production processes.

The new cells provide 10% to 30% higher energy per kilowatt than standard crystalline cells when installed in standard applications and up to 50% in vertical installations, resulting in an equivalent cell efficiency of 21% to 24% in standard applications and a total module power of 280 W to 325 W for 60-cell modules, according to bSolar.

Applications for the new cells include flat rooftops and ground installations, as well as certain building-integrated PV applications, such as solar sound barriers, carports, facades and greenhouses.

The cells are produced in bSolar's industrial plant in Heilbronn, Germany. bSolar's current annual production capacity is 30 MW. The company adds that it is planning to expand production to meet customer demand.

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