BT Imaging Introduces New Solar Wafer Inspection Tools


BT Imaging Pty. Ltd., a supplier of luminescence-based inspection and quality control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, has introduced a new product suite.

The suite of tools includes a new version of the iLS-W2 for on-the-fly photoluminescence inspection of electrical wafer quality; the all-new iS-G1 for in-line cast mono grain inspection; the iQ, a new automation unit that houses the iLS-W2 and/or iS-G1 so that existing production lines can be upgraded; and the QS-W2, a fully integrated inspection tool that can automatically sort wafers.

According to the company, with this suite of tools, wafer makers and fully integrated PV manufacturers can inspect all wafers in production and understand their electrical performance before are manufactured into cells, thereby commanding premium pricing for wafers and cells.

In addition, the tools are intended to enable cast mono manufacturers to accurately identify yield detractors and reduce cell efficiency spread. Cast mono silicon PV wafers are seen as a major technology for the future of wafer manufacturing, the company says, adding that the main benefit of a mono-like wafer is that an alkaline texture process can be used, which increases the cell efficiency.

The new tools will begin shipping in July.

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