BT Imaging Introduces PV Inspection Platform


BT Imaging Pty. Ltd. (BTi), a supplier of luminescence-based inspection and quality control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, has introduced the LIS-P2 platform.

According to the company, this is the industry's first multi-function inspection and analysis system designed for speeding up failure analysis and sampling during production. Available in two configurations, the LIS-P2 platform is single tool that can replace the current practice of using four or more tools in the cell production line lab.

The LIS-P2w can inspect samples at all process stages, including as-cut wafers; the LIS-P2x inspects samples post-diffusion and finished cells. The speed and flexibility of the LIS-P2 platform deliver a dramatic improvement in the time required to achieve results, the company says. Data are available much faster, enabling higher levels of sampling, rapid conclusions and actions, leading to higher yield and efficiencies.

The LIS-P2 platform will start shipping to beta customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

SOURCE: BT Imaging

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