BTU International Opens Center To Showcase Solar Production Systems


BTU International, a supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment, has opened its new Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Process Technology in Shanghai, China.

BTU opened the first of two new process technology facilities as part of its continued investment in alternative energy business initiatives. The center is located within BTU's Shanghai manufacturing facility and showcases its in-line diffusion system featuring a phosphorus doper, and a metallization production line including the DEK PVP1200 screen printer. The center is staffed by process engineers with expertise in in-line processing for photovoltaics.

‘We are excited to be able to leverage this new center for partnerships and process development work with the growing photovoltaics customer base throughout Asia,’ says Paul J. van der Wansem, chairman and CEO of BTU International. ‘This venue will also provide a site for further collaboration with DEK, our strategic partner in metallization.’

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