BTU International Releases Meridian Diffusion Tech For Solar Fabs


BTU International Inc. has introduced its Meridian line of in-line diffusion equipment, which includes a new second-generation spray coater – featuring top-side and bottom-side phosphorus coating – and a quartz-lined diffusion furnace.

BTU says the Meridian coater features an integrated design and efficient footprint. And, like the Meridian diffusion furnace, the spray coater uses corrosion-resistant materials that minimize the risk of process contamination.

‘The transition to in-line diffusion is a major step in lowering the production cost of silicon photovoltaics,’ says Doug Lawson, vice president of alternative energy, marketing and business development. ‘The addition of back-side doping adds to the value by not only providing a process that's cheaper, faster and less wasteful, but one that also produces a more efficient solar cell.’

BTU: (978) 667-4111


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