BTU International Wins Industry Choice Award


BTU International, a supplier of thermal processing equipment for the alternative energy and electronics manufacturing markets, was awarded the Industry Choice International Solar Technology Award at the recent Intersolar conference.

The International Solar Technology Awards are designed to acknowledge and recognize achievements in the creation and development of solar technology. Emphasis is placed on real-world technical advancements required throughout the supply chain to push solar power toward grid parity without government subsidies.

BTU International's MERIDIAN In-line Diffusion System features the MERIDIAN phosphorus coater, which includes key advances such as backside and topside coating and integrated wafer drying, the company says. The system can be configured to achieve speeds of up to 1,500 156 mm wafers per hour.

The in-line process offers reduced wafer handling and greater throughput than traditional batch processing, according to BTU International.
SOURCE: BTU International

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