BTU Notes Yield Figures For Metallization System


BTU International Inc., a supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to the alternative energy and electronics manufacturing markets, says its Tritan HV90 dual-lane metallization firing system exceeds industry standards for wafer breakage. According to the company, the three-belt, three-speed system boasts a yield better than 99.99%, exceeding the industry standard for metallization firing.

The Tritan HV90 dual-lane metallization firing system features increased throughput at 3,600 wafers per hour, an edge belt, volatile organic compound abatement and a single zone spike with less than three seconds' spike time.

The system features BTU's TriSpeed technology, allowing users to take advantage of superior ramp rates – up to 200 degrees C per second – while not compromising the drying and cooling sections of the profile, BTU says.

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