BudaSolar Awarded Two Research Contracts


Solar Thin Films Inc. says that that BudaSolar Ltd. has been awarded two separate research and development contracts by the Hungarian National Office for Research and Technology. (Solar Thin Films and its subsidiary, Kraft Elektronikai Zrt., announced plans to acquire BudaSolar earlier this month.

BudaSolar's first award targets efficiency improvements for silicon-based thin-film solar cells. The second contract is aimed at developing improved in-line monitoring tools for thin film processes.

The project leader for the first award will be BudaSolar's CEO, Dr. Istvan Krafcsik, who is regarded as a pioneer of the Hungarian thin-film solar industry. Solar Thin Films and Kraft Elektronikai have entered into an agreement under which Krafcsik and his associate will receive 49% of the share capital of Kraft.

SOURCE: Solar Thin Films Inc.

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