BudaSolar Signs Research Agreement With Bangkok Solar


Solar Thin Films Inc. says BudaSolar Ltd., its proposed subsidiary, has entered into a research and development agreement with Bangkok Solar Co. of Bangkok, Thailand, a producer of amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules.

(As previously announced, Solar Thin Films and its subsidiary, Kraft Elektronikai Zrt., have entered into an agreement with the shareholders of BudaSolar, which contemplates that Kraft will acquire 100% of the share capital of BudaSolar in exchange for 49% of the share capital of Kraft.)

The goal of the BudaSolar collaboration with Bangkok Solar is to develop a micromorph module with a minimum of 8% efficiency using a modified version of batch process technology currently developed, manufactured and marketed by both Kraft and BudaSolar.

Both Kraft and BudaSolar believe that this level of performance provided through the inclusion of a microcrystalline layer could be of great benefit to potential customers, as it is capable of increasing efficiency by as much as 30% more than currently available amorphous silicon modules.

SOURCE: Solar Thin Films Inc.

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