CA State’s Largest Privately Owned Solar System Is Complete


Berkeley, Calif.-headquartered PowerLight Corp., a provider of large-scale solar power systems, has designed and developed a 1.4 MW solar system for Codding Investment's Sonoma Mountain Village.

The Sonoma Mountain Village is a 200-acre community that will consist of residential buildings/homes and commercial buildings. The business center, located at the former Agilent Technologies campus near Sonoma State University, within this village is now open for occupancy and is 100% solar powered. According to PowerLight, the system is the largest privately owned solar power array in the state.

‘Sonoma Mountain Village is an extremely unique, environmentally sound and comprehensively sustainable new community,’ says Brad Baker, Codding Investments' president and chief executive officer.

Tom Dinwoodie, PowerLight's chairman and chief executive officer, adds, ‘We're delighted that Codding Investments selected PowerLight to provide clean, reliable solar generation to power Sonoma Mountain Village.’

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