Calcarb Facility Construction Progressing On Schedule


Calcarb Ltd., a manufacturer and supplier of carbon-bonded carbon fiber-based rigid insulation and precursor materials, says it is making strides toward the completion of its global headquarters and expanded manufacturing plant in Scotland.

‘Calcarb is pleased to be able to report strong demand for our products and a solid corporate commitment to increase supply to meet it,’ says Hugh McLeod, Calcarb's managing director. ‘By building this new facility, we are tripling our production capacity. It will enable us to better serve the markets for solar panels and the raw material, polysilicon, used to make them.’

The company has installed 90% of the production equipment at the new facility – some moved from its Bellshill facility and some new, including ultra-high-firing furnaces, chemical vapor deposition furnaces for coating and densification, and new CNC machines. The expansion remains on schedule for the fall of 2008, the company says.

SOURCE: Calcarb

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