Caldwell Tanks Supplying Thermal Storage For Solana Solar Plant


Louisville, Ky.-based Caldwell Tanks Inc. has been awarded a contract for the supply of 12 molten-salt thermal energy storage tanks for the Solana solar power project currently under construction in Gila Bend, Ariz.

The Solana project, which utilizes parabolic trough concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, is expected to have an output of 250 MW. Caldwell was awarded the contract by the project's engineering, procurement and construction consortium, Teyma USA & Abener Engineering and Construction Services.

The 12 large insulated tanks, filled with molten salt, will be used with CSP to store the heat energy from the sun. This stored heat can then be used to produce energy during periods of low or no sun, including the evening hours, Caldwell Tanks explains.

SOURCE: Caldwell Tanks

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