Caleffi Hydronic Solutions Debuts ThermoCon Storage Tank


Caleffi Hydronic Solutions has introduced the ThermoCon storage tank, which the company says is designed to reduce short-cycling – a common problem in boilers and chillers that reduces the efficiency of hydronic equipment and shortens its lifespan.

In addition, solar thermal and geothermal systems often need more thermal storage in order to keep up with the peak thermal demands of a building. According to Caleffi, the ThermoCon storage tanks maximize the efficiency of any hydronic system by providing thermal storage and hydraulic separation for heated or cooled water.

ThermoCon tanks are available in 50-, 80- or 120-gallon sizes and feature seven two-inch NPT connections that allow convenient corner placement, Caleffi notes. The fully insulated, porcelain-coated steel tanks are suitable for hot water applications and other applications.

SOURCE: Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

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