Caleffi Introduces Air Separator For Solar Heating Systems


Caleffi has introduced the DISCALAIR Solar 251 Series air separator for solar heating systems – a tool the company says will increase the life of a solar heating system by continuously and automatically eliminating air, including microbubbles, from primary circuits.

Removing dissolved gases from a solar primary circuit is an essential process in a solar heating system, as these gases can rapidly cause corrosion in collectors and heat exchangers, Caleffi says. The company's air separators remove corrosive gases mechanically in a process that is more economical and thermally efficient than a chemical process. The air-vent capacity of these devices is extremely high, and the circulation of fully separated fluid allows the system to work under optimal conditions without noise, corrosion, local overheating or mechanical damage.

The company adds that DISCALAIR Solar air separators are specially designed to work at both low and high temperatures (-20 to 320 degrees F) with a glycol medium. The maximum working and discharge pressures are 150 psi.

Caleffi: (414) 238-2360

SOURCE: Caleffi

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