Caleffi Introduces DL2 Data Logger To Link iSolar Data


Caleffi, a hydronic solutions provider based in Milwaukee, has added the DL2 data logger to its iSolar differential temperature controller.

The DL2 data logger add-on module enables the acquisition and storage of large amounts of data, such as the quality of energy being generated by the solar water heating system, over a long period of time from any iSolar differential temperature controller, the company says. Depending on data-logging intervals, the DL2 can store over 10 years of iSolar controller data.

The DL2 has a built-in Ethernet jack and an SD card slot for accessing stored data. The DL2 can be configured and viewed with a standard Internet browser via its integrated Web interface when connected to a local area network router.

For extraction of the data stored in the internal memory of the DL2 data logger to a PC, an SD card can be used, or if the data logger is connected to a LAN router, the data can be extracted to any PC connected to the same LAN. The DL2's network IP address can be changed and password-protected.

Caleffi: (414) 238-2373

SOURCE: Caleffi

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