Caleffi Introduces New Solar Pump Stations


Caleffi has released a new solar pump station designed for commercial-sized projects requiring up to 10 gallons per minute and pumping power up to 30 feet of head.

The high-head/high-flow solar pump stations are pre-assembled and leak-tested with dual line flow and return connection, a powerful three-speed pump, adjustable flow meter, air vent, shutoff valves, check valves, safety relief valve, expansion tank connection port, and fill and purge valves, the company says.

The units are complete with one-inch, male-union, half-threaded connections, and fittings are available to connect SolarFlex insulated stainless steel piping or copper pipe.

In addition, Caleffi SolarFlex, a pre-insulation solution of two flexible stainless-steel pipes inside two EPDM closed-cell insulation and an integrated sensor wire, for connecting solar thermal collectors to the pumping station, is now more flexible, the company says. Caleffi is also now offering the 3/4′ size SolarFlex by the foot with no special lead time.

The pre-insulated, flexible stainless steel piping is easy to install, enabling continuous run of pipes, without using a torch in confined spaces or on the roof and ensuring a leak-free installation, according to the company. SolarFlex is rated for fluid temperature up to 350 degrees F and working pressure up to 150 psi.

Caleffi: (414) 238-2360

SOURCE: Caleffi

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