Caleffi Offers SolarFlex Solution For Heating Systems


Caleffi has introduced SolarFlex, a system solution for connecting solar collectors to storage tanks and pump stations featuring pre-insulated flow and return pipes for solar hot water heating systems.

The pre-insulation solution – two flexible stainless steel pipes inside two EPDM closed-cell insulation – and integrated sensor cable save installation time and reduce cost, as a torch or special tools are not needed. SolarFlex is packaged in a 50-foot continuous coil and offers a complete range of accessories to ensure a smooth, secure, leak-free installation.

Caleffi says SolarFlex meets the highest requirements for modern solar heating systems and optimizes thermal efficiency of the entire system.

Caleffi: (414) 238-2360;

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philip horner
philip horner
4 years ago

Fake news. The flexible corrogated piping has ends which need to be cut and flattened with a $1200 tool.