California And Oregon Lead List Of Top Clean Energy States


Against an uncertain federal landscape, U.S. states continue to lead the charge in driving clean energy innovation and advancing the clean energy economy, according to new research from Clean Edge. The company's first annual U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index provides an analysis and ranking of how all 50 states compare across the spectrum of clean energy technology, policy and capital.

Although West Coast and East Coast states dominate the top-10 rankings, innovation and investment opportunities are found across the map in places such as Colorado, Iowa, Texas and Michigan, the company says.

According to Clean Edge's assessment and ranking of more than 80 different state-level indicators, the top-three states in the nation are California, Oregon and Massachusetts. Washington, Colorado, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota and New Jersey round out the top 10. Indicators include such metrics as total electricity produced by clean energy sources, hybrid vehicles on the road, and clean energy venture and patent activity.

California is No. 1 in overall clean energy leadership by a wide margin, leveraging its history of technology innovation, rich bounty of natural renewable energy resources and investment capital, and consistently supportive government policies, Clean Edge says.

California leads in the technology and capital categories, but the No. 1 state for policy is Washington – just ahead of Massachusetts, which ranks first in regulations and mandates, and Illinois, the top state for incentives.

Iowa is the nation's leader in utility-scale clean electricity generation as a percentage of total electricity, receiving more than 14% of its in-state generation in 2009 from wind power. No other state exceeded 10% electricity from large-scale clean energy sources.

California-based companies accounted for nearly 60% of all U.S. venture capital investments in clean energy in 2009, but Massachusetts led in venture capital investments per capita, the report says.

Michigan, with its recent focus on electric vehicle and automotive battery technologies, is the No. 1 state for clean energy patents – a key indicator in the human capital and intellectual capital area of the index's capital category.

SOURCE: Clean Edge

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