California City To Become U.S.’ First City To Require Residential Solar Projects


The Lancaster, Calif., City Council has approved a new ordinance requiring newly built residential units to provide solar power – a first in the U.S., according to the city.

The measure was incorporated as part of a comprehensive review of the city's residential zoning laws and passed at a March 26 council meeting, according to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

‘Lancaster is already strongly committed to furthering green energy and reducing our carbon footprint,’ said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris in a statement introducing the measure. ‘In fact, we've been nationally and internationally recognized for our solar achievements. However, to truly establish ourselves as the 'Alternative Energy Capital of the World,' we must continue to take a progressive approach.’

Residential units built within Lancaster on or after Jan.1, 2014, must provide an average of 1 kW of solar-generated electricity per housing unit.

Installation of solar energy systems is not required for all homes within a production subdivision, the city notes. However, the builder will still be required to meet the aggregate energy generation requirement within the subdivision.

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