California Governor Signs Three Renewable Energy Bills Into Law


Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr., D-Calif., says he has signed into law three bills that are designed to bolster the state's commitment to clean energy.

S.B.585, authored by Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, helps school districts to finance solar installations at local schools by authorizing $200 million for the California Solar Initiative (CSI). The CSI program, funded through investor-owned utilities, provides rebates for solar installations on commercial, industrial, non-profit, government and other non-residential spaces. CSI has been extremely successful, helping to generate nearly 900 MW of solar energy to date, Brown's office notes.

In addition, Brown has signed into law A.B.1150, authored by Assemblymember Victor Manuel Perez, D-Coachella, and S.B.16, authored by Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Bakersfield.

A.B.1150 authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission to collect funds for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) through Dec. 31, 2014. The SGIP makes approximately $83 million in rebates available each year. Since it began in 2001, the SGIP has made over $619 million in rebates for the installation of 348 MW of renewable energy.

S.B.16 requires the Department of Fish and Game to expedite its permitting process for renewable energy projects. It also gives developers the option to pay a fee to expedite government review.

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