California Legislature Approves Raised Net-Metering Cap


The California State Assembly has passed A.B.510, a bill that would raise the cap on net metering. The bill now needs only Gov. Schwarzenegger's approval to become law, according to the Vote Solar Initiative.

Existing law requires California's major electric utilities to make net metering available to customers on a first-come-first-served basis until the total program capacity exceeds 2.5% of the utility's peak demand. A.B.510 doubles the net-metering program capacity to 5%.

California public agencies have already installed at least 51 MW of solar, saving taxpayers more than $270 million in avoided utility payments. With federal stimulus funds committed to support the state's switch to solar, this legislation is a critical component of a fiscally and environmentally responsible energy future in California, says Vote Solar.

SOURCE: The Vote Solar Initiative

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