Campbell Scientific Releases New LoggerNet Data-Logging Software


Campbell Scientific has released the newest version of its data-logger support software, LoggerNet 4. LoggerNet is computer software for Campbell Scientific data loggers that supports programming, communication and data retrieval between Campbell Scientific data loggers and a PC.

LoggerNet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product. LoggerNet runs on a PC, using serial ports, telephony drivers and Ethernet hardware to communicate with data loggers via phone modems, RF devices and other peripherals. The LoggerNet server stores the data in a cache and writes data to a variety of formats, including ASCII, binary and XML.

LoggerNet 4 includes a new design with more user-configurable options; View Pro, a display tool that provides additional ways to view data; Network Planner, a tool that allows development, modeling and verification of PakBus networks; and upgraded RTMC, featuring functions added for building expressions, a new layout toolbar, and more maneuverability around the displays.

Campbell Scientific: (435) 750-9681

SOURCE: Campbell Scientific

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