Camstar Systems Releases New E-Book


Camstar Systems Inc., a provider of software solutions, has introduced a new e-book titled ‘Taking the Solar Industry Beyond Grid Parity.’

The e-book applies Camstar's Advancing Product Quality (APQ) model to the solar market and shows how the model enables the achievement of grid parity today, the company explains. In addition, the e-book discusses how the infrastructure creates additional long-term value in the areas of global orchestration, greener manufacturing and life-cycle intelligence.

‘Camstar's eBook analyzes benchmarks from solar and high-tech manufacturers that have adopted the APQ model, and conservatively applies them to the factors driving grid parity,’ says Karim Lokas, vice president of product strategy for Camstar. ‘The analysis shows a shift down in the cost per kilowatt-hour curve by 13 percent to 17 percent, putting some companies in the grid-parity region today.’

The e-book is available for download at

SOURCE: Camstar Systems Inc.

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