Canadian Solar Begins Mass Production of 665 W Modules


Canadian Solar Inc., a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, has started mass production of high-power, high-efficiency modules with a power output of up to 665 W.

The new generation of monofacial HiKu7 and bifacial BiHiKu7 modules are based on 210 mm cells and are set to deliver a competitive levelized cost of electricity by reducing balance of system and other costs for solar power plants. The modules have been optimized with tracker and inverter designs to ensure seamless installation of solar systems, notes the company.

The nameplate production capacity of the HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules will reach 10 GW by the end of the year, of which a significant portion has already been booked. The company will deliver the first batch of the new high-power, high-efficiency modules this month.

The HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules offer:

  • Power classes of up to 665 W and module efficiencies of up to 21.4%
  • Further reduction of light-and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LeTID) using Canadian Solar Advanced Regeneration (CSAR) technology. The technology reduces cell and module power degradation under light and at high temperatures, increasing power output of solar modules and lengthening their useful lifetime
  • Excellent value for commercial and utility scale PV plants, reducing balance of system costs by up to 5.7% and LCOE by up to 8.9% relative to mainstream 445 W modules
  • Certified by VDE according to IEC61215 and IEC61730 product standards

“I am excited to announce that we have begun mass production of the 210 mm cell-based HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules, which marks another milestone for Canadian Solar,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “With up to 665 W capacity, these modules will further reduce the LCOE of solar energy generated and increase the energy yield of solar plants. The modules also have high reliability with several special technologies, such as damage-free cell cutting, strict hot spot control and low LeTID technology. These product and technological innovations will continue to boost solar project returns, further improve solar energy’s competitiveness and accelerate the global clean energy transition.”

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Semper Solaris
2 years ago

It’s always good to see companies making a big impact with new renewable energy products. This is definitely a big step in the right direction for Canadian Solar Inc and its always good to see North American companies making an impact on Solar Panels.

The panels based upon the information in the article definitely have some great efficiency and the ability to yield more energy.

Overall, its good to see this growth and we hope to see more in the near future.