Canadian Solar To Apply Metal Wrap-Through Technology


Canadian Solar Inc. has signed a joint technology development and transfer agreement with Energy Research Center of the Netherlands to apply the technology for metal wrap-through (MWT) cells to Canadian Solar's production lines.

MWT cells eliminate the need for front side bus-bars and, therefore, increase effective surface and the conversion efficiency of a solar cell, Canadian Solar says. A more advanced version of this technology, emitter wrap-through (EWT) structures, can eliminate the front surface grid and further increase the cell conversion efficiency.

Both of these wrap-through technologies also increase module conversion efficiency by enabling back-side interconnection technology in module production. The specialized module assembly equipment will be developed and manufactured in cooperation with Eurotron, a Netherlands-based manufacturer and supplier of handling equipment for module assembly.

Higher conversion efficiency cells will allow the company to produce more powerful solar modules, while potentially reducing manufacturing costs, Canadian Solar adds. The transfer of MWT cell technology is expected to take approximately six months.

SOURCE: Canadian Solar Inc.

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